Association for Georgist Studies

The Association for Georgist Studies is an organization of scholars and other writers in the social sciences, founded in 2005. We seek to advance knowledge of the ideas expounded by Henry George and others of like mind. George attributed the persistence of poverty in the midst of economic growth to concentrated ownership, misallocation, and overpricing of land, broadly defined. He attributed depressions to overpricing carried to extremes during land booms. As a remedy he advocated shifting all taxes from labor and capital onto land. (See Henry George 100 Years Later.)

Our mission is to:

  • Identify scholars who study these and related issues raised by George.
  • Engage these scholars in creating a modern literature on the issues.
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration among them.
  • Identify and address flaws and omissions in George's work.
  • Link the Georgist viewpoint to current concerns about tax reform, social justice, wealth and income inequality, oil monopoly, broadcast monopoly, world trade, the environment, resource scarcity, immigration, outsourcing, major cycles and bubbles like the current land boom, renewing cities and industries, containing and reversing urban sprawl, promoting domestic saving and investing, declining real wage rates and job opportunities, the feared decline of western civilization, and
  • Engage opinion-leaders in academic and professional disciplines, journalism and social reform movements in exploring the Georgist insight into their issues.

    We seek to explore a common set of problems from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

    We will:

  • organize panels at professional meetings
  • organize conferences with publication of proceedings
  • publish current articles on our website and
  • Create an online database of articles or links to relevant earlier publications.
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